Thursday, January 25, 2007

Digital Camera, 3.0M Pixel with MP3

Internal Memory: built-in 256MB memory-digital camera: 128MB flash memory, MP3: 128MB flash memory; There are tow high-performance data and singnals processors; Enjoy music when taking pictures...

  • Modes: Still Photos; MP3; USB flash driver
  • There are tow high-performance data and singnals processors; Enjoy music when taking pictures
  • Image sensor: 3.0 Mega 1/2" CMOS sensor
  • Internal Memory: built-in 256MB memory-digital camera: 128MB flash memory; MP3: 128MB flash memory
  • Resolution: 2048 x 1536(3.0M)-about 293 pictures
  • Internal speaker: yes
  • File Formats: JPEG, MP3
  • Digital Camera LCD: 1.7 inch TFT display with 115 thousand pixels
  • MP3 player: 4200 points 34x15mm LCD display
  • Flash Mode: Forced, Auto and Shutoff
  • Interface: With dual USB ports, digital camera and MP3 can be operated through computer at the same time
  • Effective view angle: 52 digree
  • Focus range: 1.2m ~ Infinity
  • Shutter speed: Electronic Shutter
  • OSD Language: English/Russian/Espanol/Chinese
  • Auto power off: After 30 second without operation
  • Power Source: 3.7V/600mA Li-ion battery
  • System Requirement For PC: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP

  • Size: 96.3×22×43.9mm
  • Weight: 85g (without battery)


  • User's Manual
  • CD-ROM
  • USB cable
  • Strap
  • Pouch
  • AC adapter
  • Li-ion batter
  • Digital Camera Wide-Angle Lens

    Awesome looking high performance digital camera / camcorder. Comes in top quality camera bag with removable screw-mount wide angle lens. This camera gives great quality images and the 2-inch LCD display is bright and has a fast refresh rate.

    3.1 Megapixel sensor, 10 Megapixel size images (via interpolation).

    The wide angle lens is rated 0.5x and enhances macro performance too. Can be screwed on to the existing zoom lens fixture.

    Pop-up flash bulb.

    Digital LCD display can be switched off. Optical viewfinder on camera.

    Takes SD / MMC up to 1GB (not supplied) - 16MB built-in flash memory

    Full accessories included.

    Multiple functions:

    * Digital Camera - optical zoom 3x and up to 8x using digital zoom
    * Digital Camcorder (records in PAL or NTSC) - digital zoom while recording video
    * MP3 Player - listen to music files stored on your SD card!
    * Voice Recorder (built-in mic) + Playback (built-in speaker)
    * Playback of pictures / video direct to TV via video out
    * Webcam
    * Removable storage for PC data

    Accessories included Free:

    * Top quality padded full-size camera bag with zip pockets, plus carry strap
    * Rechargeable battery 3.7V 900mAh
    * Charger and AC adapter selected according to your delivery country
    * Mini Tripod (screw mount foot on camera)
    * Earphones
    * RCA AV-out cable
    * USB cable for connecting camera to PC
    * Camera neck strap
    * Camera wrist strap
    * Installation software CD
    * User manual

    Further Notable Features

    * Camera has AV-out and 3.5mm earphone jack
    * The camera is branded "Protax" and the model label is "DC500". Each product has a unique serial number.
    * CE / FCC compliant.
    * Camera menu set to English language by default. Intuitive controls.
    * Product comes in an attractive full colour retail box.
    * Dimensions: 113 x 85 x 96mm
    * Weight: 375g (without battery / SD Card)

    Detailed China Manufacturer Specifications

    * Image sensor: 3.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor / 10MP via interpolation
    * Internal Memory: 16MB Flash; External: MMC or SD card
    * Photo Resolutions: 3584 x 2688; 3264 x 2448; 2976 x 2240; 2560 x 1920; 2304 x 1728; 2048 x 1536; 1600 x 1200 pixels
    * Video Recording Modes: 640 x 480 pixels @ 11fps; 320 x 240 pixels @ 30fps; 160 x 120pixels @ 20fps
    * PC Web-Camera Modes: 640 x 480pixels; 320 x 240pixels
    * Voice Recording Mode: WAV format
    * MP3 / ASF (video) Playback: YES
    * Digital Zoom: 8x
    * File Formats: JPG, ASF, WAV, MP3
    * LCD Viewfinder: 2.0-inch TFT LCD
    * Exposure: Auto or EV +1.5 ~ -1.5
    * White balance settings: Automatic / Sunny / Tungsten / Fluorescent / Cloudy
    * Built in microphone: yes
    * Built in speaker: yes
    * Special effcts: Normal, B/W, Sepia
    * Shooting Modes: Single shot / Self-timer shot (10s Delay )
    * Interface: USB / TV out
    * Lens: Fixed F 2.8, f 8.7mm
    * Focus range: Normal: 1.5m ~ infinity
    * Shutter speed: Auto electronic shutter
    * Flash: Auto / Off
    * OSD Language: Chinese / English (default) / Deutsch / French / Italian / Dutch / Spanish / Portuguese
    * Power Source: Li-ion rechargeable battery
    * Auto Power off: 1Min, 3Min, 5Min
    * System Requirement for PC: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP

    China made Cheap digital camera

    Komaston Digital Science Co., Ltd. mainly deals with OEM and ODM. We have a strong R&D team to develop new ideas. We are special factory to produce Digital Camera, Video Camera and Memory Card. Our quality is ruled by ISO9001, We have certification CE, FCC & Rohs.

    Our design capability includes models that are super-slim, have various picture-taking modes, and have high-resolution imaging. We can also develop samples based on your market requirements. Working with and for customer is part of our policy.

    **Panasonic 6M pixel CCD sensor, MAX. 10M pixel(Interpolation)
    **3. 0" LTPS Screen
    **3X Optical Zoom
    **4X Digital Zoom**Build-in 32MB Flash Memory
    **Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
    **Music player


    **Image Device: Panasonic 6M pixel CCD sensor
    **Resolution: Image resolution: VGA, 2MP, 4MP, 6MP, 10MP(interpolation)
    **Lens: 3X Optical Zoom, 4X Digital Zoom
    WIDE F/2. 6--4. 8, f=5. 8mm
    TELE F/4. 3--7. 6, f=17. 4mm
    **Focus Range: Normal: 1. 3m--Infinity, Macro: 6 cm.
    **Sensor Sensitivity, Auto, ISO 100, 200, 400 Equivalent
    **Movie Clips: MPEG4, Sound Available, 320x240, 640x480 Pixels, 30fps
    **Adjust Exposure: LV: -2. 0 to +2. 0, EV = +/- 0. 5 EV
    **White Balance: Auto / Sunny / Tungsten / Fluorescent/Cloudy
    Shutter: Mechanical Shutter, 8--1/2000 sec.
    **TFT LCD display: 30" LTPS, Resolution: 960 x 240 pixels
    **Range: 0. 6M -- 2. 5 M
    **Self-Timer: Off, 5, 10, 20 seconds Delay
    **Internal Storage System: With 32MB flash memory
    **External Storage System: SD card (MMC Compatible)
    **Power Management: Auto power-off: 1min, 5min, 10min, off
    **Power source: Li-ion Battery
    **Dimension: 94mm (W) x 63mm (L) x 28mm (H)
    **Weight: < id="prodetails" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> Model: DC-630-CCD Standard: CE, FCC, ROHS Origin: China

    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Cheap digital cameras from china

    Consumers used to have to pay high prices for brand name digital cameras, but the popularity of digital photography means people are now searching for cheaper cameras for both fun snapshots and serious photographic applications. Chinese manufacturers have been quick to react to the market, and Chinavasion can bring you many exclusive deals on made-in-China digital cameras that will astound you with their excellent value for money.
    Digital cameras from China store images on SD (Secure Digital) card, MMC (multimedia card), or CF (compact flash) card. These are all standard formats of flash memory. If a camera is described on Chinavasion as taking SD or MMC cards (for example) it is guaranteed to work with standard cards that you can buy in your home country.
    The higher the “megapixel” rating, the higher the maximum resolution of the pictures you take. Higher resolution means better quality when printed. 2 Megapixels is sufficient for printing a 3x5” print. For a big print such as 8x10” 4 Megapixels or more are preferable.
    With most cameras you can choose between several different resolutions when taking photos, to strike a balance between quality and efficient storage.
    Digital cameras connect to PC via USB so you can transfer your photos easily for archiving, editing, and printing. It is also possible to remove the flash memory card from the camera and insert that into an external card reader, e.g. in a printer, a PC, or portable DVD player (to view slideshows).
    Most digital cameras can act as webcams when connected to PC by USB.
    Almost all digital cameras store photos in jpeg (JPG) format, and some high resolution cameras also let you choose TIF and RAW formats.
    Many digital cameras will also let you take short videos and store them in digital format, e.g. AVI or MPG.
    Digital cameras generally record useful hidden information to your photograph data files, such as the time and date it was taken and technical photographic details, e.g. aperture and shutter speed.
    Different cameras take different batteries. Some take standard AA or AAA batteries – buying rechargeable batteries is recommended. Other cameras have built-in, more powerful rechargeable batteries, e.g. Li-Ion battery packs.

    Sunday, December 24, 2006